The Pretending Lovers/ Jia Zhuang Qing Lv

Lu is a kindergarten teacher whose boyfriend died from a climbing accident. Having the believe that he will come back to her someday, She has trouble facing reality and leaving her ex-boyfriend behind. Since that, Lu won’t accept any new admirers and she makes fun of many of them. Until one day, she meets Chen.
She decides to play a game called the Pretending Lovers with Chen to finish all the fun plans her ex-boyfriend promised to do with her. Gradually, she falls in love with Chan’s kindness and sense of humour. However, to avoid developing their relationship to the next level, she has to leave China. Fortunately, Chen is determined enough to follow her all the way to Norway, and rescues her in the mountain.

Direction: Liu Fen Dou

Production: Tik Films, China. Sweet Films AS, Norwegian co producer

Production year: 2010
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