A young woman breaks up from a superficial carrier in Oslo. Tired of a life that is all about to consume, she sits in the car and drive north. We get through various drip learn more about her fate and why she runs away. Her only recourse is to go home to Oslo, and her alcoholic mother. On the way over a mountain pass, she meets a snow storm and must stop. A motorcyclist crashes into her car, and she must take care of the victim. After a visit to the doctor, she was told that he must be in her custody until they know for sure that he is not injured. She sees no other solution but to take him home to his childhood home. It turns out that the motorcyclist is a former alcoholic, but the mother breaks the ice with a few bottles of Upper Ten. The day after it is full chaos in the house and that the girlfriend to come up from London, which she has run away from. It all peaks over a quite untraditional family dinner. She must ultimately choose her way forward.

Direction: John Sullivan

Production: John Sullivan

Production year: 2012
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