Miss Osaka

MISS OSAKA is an identity story about a young woman who declares death and takes over the identity of a foreign woman. In a nightly odyssé we follow her journey from the Norwegian wilderness to a Japanese city, where she becomes the hostess world and begins to live a new life, driven by both the deceased girl's background and her own past.

History MISS OSAKA is the story of 24-year-old Ines, who dreams of being another person. She is a searching and insecure young woman who is accompanied by her boyfriend, Lucas, on a business trip to Norway. In a hotel they meet a half Japanese tourist, Maria, whom they are both attracted to. Lucas is both unfaithful and inattentive. One night, Ines and Maria take a jeep and drive into the arctic wilderness where they disappear in a state of rest. As the day grows Maria is gone, and Ines makes a radical decision. She travels to Japan and under Mary's identity, fascinated by stories of her life in the nightclub MISS OSAKA - a world where boundaries break, identities dissolve and new ones are created. Ines engages in a dangerous masking ball escaping himself and his own past, while the tempting new life begins to show its shadow side.

Direction: Daniel Hencik

Production: Haslund Dencik Entertainment Aps

Production year: 2018
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