Having film productions in the region and connect regional producers and film workers to these, is still a main priority in FilmCamps activity.
This is done mainly through the national and international network that FilmCamp has. We participate in selected film festivals, co-production forums, various formal and informal meeting places. As FilmCamp has become known in Europe, we experience more and more that the producers / film makers directly contacts FilmCamp. We note that FilmCamp through its activities and its portfolio of productions, have created a "brand" as many know, have heard about and want to work with. Here plays the high number of films we have been involved in an important role, but also the success these films have had both nationally and internationally.

Furter, the cooperation with Filmarc/ Arctic Image, FilmReg, CineRegio, Sources 2 and all the individuals / organizations we have contact with through the years, also give FilmCamp good marketing.

Established companies at FilmCamp or nearby:

Arctic Action Stunt
Arctic special effects  
Crux Film Drone, photo, color grade
Dagslys Light and camera
Filmassistentene Location equipment and vans
Location & art  
Nina Erdahl casting & Costumes Casting and costume
North Experience Location manager
Filmreaktor Sound
Storyline NOR Producer/ co-producer
Rein Film Producer/ co-producer
Rope resque Norway AS  

Cine-Regio is a network of regional film funds in Europe. The network is continuously expanding and today represents 49 regional film funds from 12 EU Member States, Norway, Switzerland and UK.