The battle of Narvik

April 1940. The dawning war in Europe seems distant to the Norwegians, but the eyes of the world are already on Narvik who ships out the iron ore Hitler depends on to keep the German war machinery going. On the night of April 9, Norway's neutrality is violated and German soldiers go ashore. The city commander surrenders Narvik without a fight, but not everyone is willing to lay down their arms. A company of 200 armed Norwegian soldiers manages to bluff out of the city and take up the fight. Among the soldiers we find the young corporal Gunnar Tofte, who gets his baptism of fire in battle against the professional, German alpine hunters in the mountains. In Narvik, the Royal Hotel, where his wife Ingrid Tofte works as a maid and interpreter, will be the Germans' new headquarters. From the trench it is easy to know who is friend and who is enemy. From the civilian point of view, the picture is more complicated.

Direction: Erik Skjoldbjærg

Production: Nordisk Film Production

Production year: 2021
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