Bold Guy

Bold Guy is a colorful, short, musical comedy, shot in Tromsø and at FilmCamp.

17 year old Jonas comes home to his parents and says that he has kissed a bald man. His parents live in a "colorless" apartment and lives a routine everyday life without expression of love. His father would like to accept Jonah's possible infatuation, while the mother has problems with disclosure. The conversation breaks out in a song number moving out into the streets of Tromsø, where several people involved in an increasingly bigger and more colorful spectacle. The core of the story is the relationship between Jonas and his parents, the parents themselves and otherness as opposed to the conformist.
The film wants to challenge their own and others' prejudice and tolerance limits, and acts of love through humor, song, madness and a colorful spectacle.

Direction: Maria Bock

Production: Fiksjonsforsyninga AS

Production year: 2010
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