Bonded Parallels

BONDED PARALLELS is the first feature film of director Hovhannes Galstyan and his independent film production company Parallels Film Production LLC. The film is co-produced by the Armenian National Cinema Centre, the Norwegian production company “Original Film AS” and the French production company “Quasar Pictures”.

The film is based on an original script written by Hovhannes Galstyan in cooperation with Marine Zakaryan and Thomas Schlesinger.

The script was developed within the European training program in 2004 and has received support from SDC – Swiss Development Agency, Ministry of Culture of Armenia, Norwegian Film Fund/Norwegian Film Institute, Hubert Bals Foundation, Russian
distribution company “Paradise” and the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The main cast: Siri Helene Müller (Norway) as Hanna, Laurence Ritter (France) as Laura,
Serge Avedikian (France) as Arakel, Sos Janibekyan (Armenia) as Narek.

Drama/Love story, 35mm, 89min, 2009
“Bonded Parallels” deals with two stories, which take place in different time periods and in different countries. The stories are linked by the birth of the protagonist, the daughter, and the death of the second main character, the mother.
We have wanted to create a story built on the strong parallels between true life, history and fiction, but first and foremost, we have been inspired by the idea of destiny.

An international crew has worked on this low-budget film production for more than 4,5 years which in spite of difficulties along the way has finished successfully in June 2009 with World Premiere in the competition program Perspectives of the 31st Moscow International Film Festival.

“Bonded Parallels” is the first Armenian feature film that has connected professional film-workers from six European countries. After the collapse of the USSR, “Bonded Parallels” is a unique Armenian film project which will be distributed in Russia, India, USA, Scandinavia and in the Benelux countries.

After the world premiere of “Bonded Parallels” it has participated in the competition program of the International Film Festival “East & West, the Classics and Avant-garde” in Orenburg, Russia (November 2009) where one of the main actresses - Laurence Ritter - was awarded The Best Actress Prize for her role as Laura.

The European premiere of “Bonded Parallels” will take place at the 39 edition of ROTTERDAM INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL in 2010.

Direction: Hovhannes Galstyan

Production: Originalfilm AS, Quasar Productions, Parallel Productions

Production year: 2006
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