Levis Horse

NFI about the movie:
Levi's horse is a childhood portrait where we follow the 14-year-old Jonas through a winter's day. Jonas lives in a small village and has few friends. In the quest for acceptance from the boys he allows himself to order the horse to harass the mentally retarded man Levis, and end up as a moral dilemma: Should he betray Levis and the horse to gain acceptance by the boys? Should he become another person to make friends, or should he stand for who he is?

Levi's horse won last year screenwriting competition which TIFF and North Norwegian Film Centre arranged. The price was both a screenplay prize for writer and 400 000 in production subsidies.

-The dramatic action and conflict circles about the moral and values ​​issues that are often brought to the surface in both film and literature and also in everyday life. The choice between good and bad, between right and wrong - how it sets a universal conflict that many people can recognize themselves in. The story that is told is a character-driven drama with a recognizable problem, and I believe that the director Torfinn Iversen ability to lift theme of a poetic description, and was added to a beautiful winter landscape, "said the short film consultant Annie Meyer of the Norwegian Film Institute in its justification for the award.

Direction: Torfinn Iversen

Production: Original Film AS

Production year: 2011
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