Sulis 1907

Sulis 1907 is the story of the struggle against oppression in the mining town of Sulitjelma at the beginning of the 20th century. Konrad and the hard-pressed workers stand together in the revolt against the mining company and the ruthless Wennstrøm.

Sulis deals with actual incidents at what was Norway's second largest workplace, where the mining company had all the power and where the workers struggled under inhuman conditions in the dangerous and dark mines. This was the Wild West of the Nordic countries, where the right of the strongest applied if one were to survive. 104 people lost their lives during 104 years of mining.

Sulis will be an epic and powerful film that takes the audience to a dirty and dangerous environment surrounded by beautiful and dramatic nature. It will depict actual historical events seen from a modern perspective, where we will see that young courage is put to the test in the attempt to gather the people - something that turns out to be very difficult. People are anxious and afraid of reprisals. But when the greed of the capitalists reaches its peak in their exploitation of the people, the workers manage to defy fear and gather in a common front. Against all odds, they win with their demands, something that had never happened before in Norway. The uprising in Sulitjelma was the start of the Nordic welfare model as we know it, and thus the origin of the society we live in today.

Direction: Nils Gaup

Production: Storyline Nor AS

Co-producer: FilmCamp Samproduksjon, Götafilm, Handmade Films in Norwegian Woods

Production year: 2022
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