Catch and Release

A fly fisherman floats down the river with a fatal gunshot wound to the back. Seventeen-year-old Mira Hildonen escapes from the scene with a shotgun in her hands. In the small village the young doctor, Erika, becomes obsessed with finding out why her father, the seemingly well-liked Dr. Meyer was killed.
The dying policewoman, Irja, wants to solve her very last case, and the investigation turns out to be deeply personal. The local tourist guide, Thomas, becomes increasingly entangled in the case. The nurse, Chris, finds a young girl lying unconscious on the hospital stairs. And through the forest, Mira Hildonen flees - with her, is a list of names. Everyone must be killed.

CATCH AND RELEASE is a thriller about a brutal murder in a village in the North of Norway. The series tells the story of the individuals whose lives are turned upside down when the tragedy strikes.

Direction: Kristine Berg, Arne Berggren og Maggi Bergheim

Production: Shuuto Arctic

Production year: 2021

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