Spread your wings
As Thomas spends his summer holidays with his father Christian,
he discovers that he got himself involved in a crazy project: flying
with geese to teach them a new migration journey, trying to save
the species.
Thomas barely knows his father who works as a researcher at the
Natural History Museum of Paris and studies populations of
European migratory birds. Christian, tired of compiling numbers
on the extinction of the white fronted geese from Lapland, has
indeed decided to take action.
This beautiful experience will bond father and son, as Thomas will
learn how to fly, how to raise and protect birds and how to
understand nature. Their adventure will eventually lead them to
the famous Nordkapp.

Based on a true story, SPREAD YOUR WINGS is a great family
adventure. When reality surpasses fiction, when dreams
becomes reality.

Nicolas Vanier

Radar Films

Juli - August


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